Don’t think about next few months, but think about now when we’re still together
You’re sweet more than the other sweet
With your hair like that, I love you more than you know
Why did you cut your hair like that? i cant kiss you in your forehead but i can kiss you on your cheecks
All I want is to be with you everytime, cuz my time is short and I don’t want to waste it
Why it’s not the right time? just want your answer.
Don’t lose that feeling.
what if i say yes i did that before? what if i say nope, i haven’t do that before? the truth.
I’m affraid if your answer is change from not ready to no way.
Sorry for what I did in the past.
Sorry that i made you felt sorry to me, maybe i’m the one that was wrong, and i’m sorry to mad at you.
I’ll wait until you give that.
I love you and I really care about you.
I hope our chemistry will get bigger and we’ll loce each other more.
Sorry if i can’t be a person you want me to be, but I can love you more than you know.
I’m expecting more from you.
i wan’t your act not your words.
Why i can’t act like i’m with my friends to you.
I think our jokes are different, but i dunno.
You’re not ready, why should be affraid? Trust me, I have changed, I’m not like me in the past.
Believe me, I don’t want to lose you.
Tell me all things that you hide from me, and I’ll tell you my secret.
My time is short, can we do it now?
Sorry, I’m not that funny to you, but I could be romantic in front of you.
I want to do that, because I love you so much and I don’t want to lose you, I care about you and that’s why I want to kiss you.
I can’t stop thinking about you, I always miss you.
i think we’re same but in different type.
You know, I want you to go with me if there’s a holliday or somethin, at least we can spent our time together, sounds crazy but why not? ^_^


About gregorygavin

Laki-laki kelahiran tahun 1995, januari 5. bercita-cita menjadi pekerja sukses, bisa bermain gitar walau tidak jago.

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