Conscience is the part of the mind that makes you aware of actions as being either morally right or wrong. Conscience is inside the mind, which is developed through some process. Some people are thinking, that where’s the mind coming from? We have our brain inside but we can not look the mind. The X-ray vision will produce a picture of the brain, but where’s the mind? Same thing like a conscience, where is it come from?

Conscience were made by 2 perspective. God and Community. We know the 10 commandments and all the to do and not to do list from the bible. Some said that conscience is the inner voice of God. Example, a guy, poor, needs money for the medication of his mother, his conscience says “I need to steal the money from that woman or should I just kill her?” at this point, we can say that it is not the inner voice of God. If it is, it means the 10 commandments will be useless or what is it for? But this is also from the community. The world we are living is not equal, there’s no such thing as equality, although God created humans equally but where is the equality? The community will affect your conscience about good and bad. One will say that what he/she is doing is right because the purpose is right. The word bad and good is relative. Would you say bad to something good or vice versa? It is possible. It depends on which community you grow. One can say that drinking is good because it is relaxing, while the other one says that it is not good, it will have a bad reaction to the body. Thus will confuse the mind, but there is one perception left. The originality. It means the owner of the mind controls the conscience. What we receive from the 2 perspective is our job to process that in mind, which it will bring up the conscience in one self. The influence of the society which is good or bad will be known and the inner voice of God will bring one to consider which is bad and good.

The conscience is made from the influence of the society, whether where you live or grew up, the society could be good or bad. The conscience is also the voice of God and the bible. But the originality is from their own mind, to process all the things and bring up into the conscience of each individual. It tells you the good and bad from every perspective.


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Laki-laki kelahiran tahun 1995, januari 5. bercita-cita menjadi pekerja sukses, bisa bermain gitar walau tidak jago.

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