So mulai hari ini kita akan memulai pre-order Poffertjes. Poffertjes is a traditional batter from Dutch or Netherlands. It is a mini pancake with light and fluffy texture unlike the American Pancake. I believe you will like it and we are trying to introduce this food. In Indonesia, we usually cook this food and yes my grandma knows that I like this food so much. I see this food has a big potential and I haven’t seen anyone selling it. Perfect snacks for your perfect weekend.Poffertjes

Pre-Order now!
We will start producing tomorrow. and every Fridays and Saturdays. (Summer)

8 for 40 pesos (from 45 pesos)
4 for 25 pesos (from 30 pesos)

where to buy and where to get: st. Vincent subdivision lot no.5 block no.2
when: every Friday and Saturday 12:00 until 16:00

Contact person to Pre-order:
Line: gregorygavin
BBM: 75D8D6C4
Instagram: @genevecataquez_17 @fey.ow.nah
Twitter: @nashgriers_baes @iniallsbigmac
Facebook: Geneve Fidella Cataquez, Fey Ow Nah


About gregorygavin

Laki-laki kelahiran tahun 1995, januari 5. bercita-cita menjadi pekerja sukses, bisa bermain gitar walau tidak jago.

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